With new siding and windows being installed on their house, Mr P and Bob’s owners wanted to upgrade the cats’ living arrangement on the front porch.  We built this cat house to resemble the exterior of the newly remodeled home. Super fun!

Sure, no one needs a custom pet house, but we know you’ll want one, here’s why:

Pamper Your Pet

You already treat them like a king or queen, why not get them their own castle.  Or, if your pet prefers a rustic cabin, we can do that too.

Be Original

Our unique custom pet shelters are hand made.  Our design team works with you through the process, the only limit is your imagination and budget.

Support Good Causes

2% of all profits go to animal rescue and shelter organizations and non-profit arts organizations in Minnesota hit hard by the pandemic.

Reactions to our featured project

“I’m outside. (looking at the cat’s house) That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Joanna D, Neighbor

“You even made the front brick tapered like the hill.  You’ve gone too far with the details”

Mark H, Neighbor

We really appreciate your excellent craftsmanship and the idea to come up with this wonderful cat house

Reuben L

“OMG It has Lighting! I love it, I want one for myself!”

Sara S

Mom: “Look, they have a house for their cats!” 

Little girl walking with Mom: “I want one!”

Overheard on the street

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